Description of product

TRG-2 -> Professional Racing Gloves - Full Gauntlet

Between your Palm and the Throttle and Palm and the Tarmac; TRG2 has always offered reliable Grip and Protection for a long time. Normally a racer's favourite is also preferred by hardcore highwaymen who look for maximum protection.

Carbon Kevlar® Reinforced Knuckle (by Shoeller/Keprotec)
- Knuckle Under Pad for Extra Comfort+Protection
-Carbon Dotted Pinkie Finger Protection
-Carbon Dotted in Thumb Finger
-Triple Strap Wrist Closure
-All round wrist Protection
-3 Carbon Protective Air Vents Knuckles
-Wipe Strip
-Stretching Leather Panels @ Wrist | Finger 


Sizing Guide

Nobody can or should assure you a perfect fit while buying online, however if you have no clue about gloves' sizing then the below steps should give you a fair idea.

Step 1: 
Measure from Tip of Middle Finger to Edge of Palm.
[ Size=Cms ]  [ S=17 | M=18 | L=19 | XL=20 | XXL=21 ]

Step 2:

Measure circumference around the widest part of your palm over Knuckle, exclude the thumb and keep it stretched away.
[ Size=Cms ] [ S=20 | M=23 | L=25 | XL=28 | XXL=30 ]

Step 3:

if measurements are showing about the same size, then that could be your size.

If the readings are pointing to upto 2 sizes apart then it is advisable not to purchase it online. 

Also please note that fit will vary depending on the model of gloves.

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